The Socratic Salesman William Thomas Tucker



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The Socratic Salesman  by  William Thomas Tucker

The Socratic Salesman by William Thomas Tucker
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GET YOUR SALE EVERY TIMEThe average professional salesman -- those in commissioned sales for 5 years or more -- average a 20% closing ratio. Thats only 1 out of every 5 sales calls. Our Socratic Method of Salesmanship teaches you how to close every sale every time.Traditional sales training teaches you to TELL your customer all of your product’s Features and Benefits, TELL your customer your sales price, TELL, TELL, TELL. But, ask yourself -- Do you like to be TOLD things?

Does anybody? This approach to sales sets you up to only ARGUE with your customer. Think that makes friends and influences people?You’re right. It doesn’t! Our Socratic Method of Salesmanship trains you on how to…Make friends with your potential customers.

People only buy from people they like.Ask the right questions to get your customer to volunteer to buy every time.Products and Services only exist to solve problems. Learn how to help your customer discover his challenge and decide that your product/service is the solution he wants and needs, and can afford.Learn how to help your customer discover that his purchase of your product/service is an investment, and not an expense.People are naturally skeptical of salesmen. So, we train you in how not to sell, but to be a Facilitator/Problem-Solver for your customer.

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